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About CFO

center for orthopaedic building

Center for Orthopaedics is the region's largest independent musculoskeletal group, offering a comprehensive range of services for patients of all ages in Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas.

Our group was founded in Lake Charles, Louisiana, in 1994, but it was the opening of our new office with just four physicians on staff in 2009 that marked a new beginning for CFO and provided the foundation for our current level of growth and expansion.

Today, our practice has grown to serve all of Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas and includes 11 doctors in several specialty areas, three locations and a large support staff of physician assistants, nurse specialists, technicians and office personnel. We are proud to be a part of Imperial Health, a private, physician-owned, multi-specialty partnership.

Our state-of-the-art office was digitally designed with patient convenience in mind. We've created a one-of-a-kind information technology system that fully integrates and enhances every aspect of the patient experience, supporting our commitment to provide care that is patient-centered, not physician-centered. The doctors and the entire staff recognize that their main mission is to serve their patients.

Another important factor in CFO’s growth is our strong and deep connection to this region. All of our doctors were born and raised in Louisiana. They received the training needed for their areas of specialization and brought that expertise home to Southwest Louisiana. As a group, they are committed not just to Center for Orthopaedics, but to the community they serve. 



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