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Orthotic Services

Adding a good quality insert to your shoe can give your foot more direct support after an injury as well as prevent injury from occurring in the first place.

Good quality inserts can typically be purchased from a podiatrist, orthopedic specialist, or a physical therapist. Standard, over-the-counter inserts from these sources are fine in most cases, but if someone has a chronic or severe foot problem or injury, or is a competitive athlete, they should get prescription inserts. An insert designed specifically for your own foot provides significant advantages.

At the Center for Orthopedics, a high-tech approach is used to customize orthotics. A foot scan is used to acquire an exact geographical map of the foot and its pressure points. This foot "map” is then used to create a custom orthotic insert that will fit inside just about any shoe.

The custom insert can be moved from shoe to shoe and will last longer than your shoes, providing uniform support and comfort, reducing not only wear and tear on your feet, but more importantly, your risk of foot and ankle injuries.

For more information about our orthotic services, call (337) 721-7245 or click here to email us a question. 


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